The Ultimate Facebook Viral Script

  Reach new customers today with a social referral program!
  - Get a tons of free traffic and social media exposure
  - Create unlimited viral contests
  - Works in any language and for any niche
Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Share This Contest PRO
Share This Contest PRO is a customer referral platform that is fully customizable, supports flexible logic, and embeds seamlessly into any kind of site.

2. What are the server requirements?
Share This Contest PRO is a web based application. This means it is not a regular program that you will install on your PC.
Share This Contest PRO requires a web browser to operate and it is compatible with all existing browsers.
On your server you will need only one mysql database and PHP 4.2 or higher.

3. How many sites can I install Share This Contest PRO on?
With one license, you can install and use our product on 1 website.

4. After purchasing this product, do I get updates?
Yes, you will get free updates and we will deliver all files by email as soon as possible. All updates are FREE for 12 months.

5. Do I receive the source code of the application?
Yes, you will receive the source code and you are allowed to modify it conforming to your needs.

6. Do I get support after purchasing the script?
Yes, for FREE. All clients can use our customer support section.

7. Do I need any special software installed to use this application?
No, the you just need a normal web browser. The script is compatible with all existing browsers.

8. How can I configure the application?
All features can be edited, modified and customized using the admin interface included in the package.

9. After purchasing Share This Contest PRO, do I have to pay extra fees?
No, this is one time payment and you're free to use it without any additional fees.

10. Where can I see a working demo of this application?
To test online this system, please click here.

11. Do you offer support with installation?
Yes we offer FREE installation support. However, it is very easy to install (no more than 5 minutes).

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